Retirement Planning

This can be an overwhelming experience - when to retire, should you take the pension or commuted value? When should you take CPP, and what about losing your OAS? We simplify this process with you, determining the best way for you to achieve your ideal retirement. We can help create an income stream, make recommendations to minimize tax impact, or help you adjust from saving to spending (and enjoying!).

Estate Planning

Everyone needs to have an estate strategy -- it helps to preserve wealth, and simplify the process upon the creation of an estate. We see it too often; someone didn’t think they needed a will… yet. The family is left to deal with the court system, the lawyers, the endless paperwork … all the while trying to process the loss of their loved one. Let us suggest a few simple steps that will ensure your family can focus on what they need to as they deal with an unthinkable loss.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

We are approaching possibly the largest wealth transfer between generations we have ever experienced. We know that those who have accumulated wealth over their lifetime want to see that wealth continue to grow as it’s passed on to successive generations. Let us meet with your family unit to discuss and determine how your wealth will continue to grow after you’ve passed it on. Individuals and business owners alike each face a unique set of circumstances to maximize the passing of the torch. Don't leave it to chance!

Charitable Giving

For many people, ensuring that they can give some money to charity is a high priority. There are many different reasons why Canadians like to give – philanthropy, religion, special cause and taxation can all be motivators. Let us help you create a strategy to achieve your goals of giving, either before or after your estate is created.

Small Business and Professionals

If you are self-employed, a professional, or a small business owner, there are different challenges and opportunities for your business when it comes to taking care of employees and creating a retirement plan. Creating employee retention incentives, (RSP plans, pensions and health benefit programs) or capitalizing on tax minimization (IPP or DPSP) are all tools that can be used. Make use of a financial planner that has your business success at heart, and the expertise to help you achieve that success.

Insurance Protection

Unfortunately, life happens. We want to protect you and your family before it's too late. No one wants worst case scenarios to happen, but we help you prepare for them. You may have some insurance protection through work, but do you have enough? Your insurance should protect you, NOT your creditor, or mortgage lender! Work with us to complete a thorough analysis and determine whether your family will be protected and able to carry on when the unthinkable happens.

Travel Insurance

Travelling out of the county? Need more insurance than your current provider provides? Have someone coming to visit you from out of country? Click here to begin the process of getting the insurance in place. Give us a call if you need help or clarification on anything!

Mortgage and Banking

We don't provide mortgages for clients, but we can steer you in the right direction. Do you want to pay down your mortgage as quickly as possible? Do you want a lower interest rate? Or would you rather pay less interest? Get in touch with us to find out how!*

*Mortgage and banking solutions provided on a referral basis.

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