Our ability to provide high quality service is the core reason we have a successful business. When a new client joins our office, it is our hope that we will have a life long relationship, and that our clients always find our service to be excellent. Read on to see what our clients think about our approach.

I have been working with Kristen for a couple of years now and am very glad that I chose her to help me with my financial future. She really listens to you and helps you figure out the best financial plan for your lifestyle. I would recommend Underwood Financial to anyone who is looking for a place to invest for their future.


I met Kristen a few years ago and my first impression of her was her honesty and kindness. My son suffers with a disability and she explained how the RDSP works, and in a way that I would understand. She walked me through every step and never once pressured me into anything. Kristen explained the options I had and when asked, gave suggestions that I really appreciated. Since then, both my adult daughter and I have had the pleasure of working with Underwood Financial for our investments. Kristen has been so wonderful. She has had so much patience with us and been so helpful with our many questions. I highly recommend her! 


I have been investing with Underwood Financial for the last 10 years. They have dramatically changed my life for the better and assisted me in reaching my financial and retirement goals. Kristen is very conscientious and knowledgeable. She makes sound suggestions always with my best interest in mind and clearly explains everything so that it is understandable and with thorough detail. Her keen insight and knowledge of the market and regulations is both reassuring and confidence building. Kristen is very diligent and meticulous and provides prompt followup to all inquiries. I have great confidence that Kristen is managing my investments with great proficiency which gives such peace of mind.


For the past twenty years, Underwood Financial has worked diligently to guide our entire family to attain, manage and implement a stable financial plan is in place for the future. With their experience and knowledge we feel we have a solid financial strategy which will guide us into our retirement years.


There is simply no better choice than Underwood Financial. Kristen and the team are literally like family to me. I trust them implicitly with every piece of advice they give to me.  As a busy single mom with a household and career to run, there are no words to describe how grateful  I am to have Underwood Financial in my corner. The name Underwood Financial brought me in the door but the character and integrity of these ladies have kept me coming back year after year.



My husband John and I chose to work with Shirley many years ago. Shirley was very knowledgeable and honest with us from the beginning. We were retired, and wanted to enjoy some travelling while we could. She worked with me to help me understand the ups and downs of investing, as I was mainly familiar with the guarantee of a GIC. When John passed away and I became the chief decision maker about the finances, I didn't hesitate to remain with Underwood Financial. I knew I would continue to get excellent service and feel at ease about my financial future. Now that I work with Kristen, I know that I can call her with any question I have without fear of feeling like I've asked a silly question. Kristen has a way of explaining things so that I can understand, and I always feel comfortable speaking with her. I have a lot of confidence in my finances and in Underwood Financial as well. 


I am a full time university student and am enjoying the peace of mind knowing that my money is working for me. Shirley has been great and has even helped me with finding my current job. Thank you!


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